News and Events

A system for volcano observation, including two seismometers, two GPSs, two manometers, a visible camera, an IR camera, and a weather station, were deployed to the Cleveland Volcano in Alaska in September 2022.  

We have successfully hired Conor Bacon who is from Cambridge University as a post doctor in our team, in June 2022. Congratulations Conor!  

A Journey Into an Alaskan Volcano, in the Summer of 2021

2021 International Workshop: Novel Instrumentation to Anticipate Volcanic Eruptions (February 2-3)

2021 AVO annual coordination meeting (February 17-18)

The AVERT Field Test Site Goes Live on October 13th 2020 Displaying Near Real-Time Data on the AVERT Website.

Cleveland Volcano Eruption 2020/6/2 6:32PM UTC

Okmok II Caldera-Forming Eruption Coincides with the Fall of the Roman Republic